types of engineering courses

20 Types Of Engineering Courses (with brief) You Must Know!

Types Of Engineering CoursesEngineering is the composition of Science and technology which guides us about various ways to make everyday life more efficient. Maximum number of students opts for Engineering amongst 200+ career options after 12th

Engineers are knowledgeable in math and science subjects, and they work on researches to extract best-possible outcome in their particular branches such as mechanical, marine, civil, and so on.

However, stepupstudent is here to present to you different types of Engineering courses one must know before choosing any specific field.

types of engineering courses
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20 Types Of Engineering Courses:-

  • Architectural Engineering

Such Engineers focuses on building & developing construction projects (
heating, ventilation, air conditioning, electrical & fire protection) of houses, towers, statues, etc.

  • Mechanical Engineering

It involves studies of thermodynamics, structural analysis, materials science, and kinematics. As the word suggests, mechanical engineering
involves the designing of mechanical systems assissting various manufacturing industries. It falls under the category of mostly opted types of Engineering courses.

  • Computer Engineering

Telecommunications, networking, software application development, and so on falls under the most expanded sector i.e., IT (Information Technology).

  • Environmental Engineering

As the word suggests, this type of Engineering is concerned with the environment and it’s components. Pollution control, road safety, food consumption, etc. Environmental engineering is considered a subset of Civil Engineering.

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  • Biomedical Engineering

It is the mostly needed segment amongst types of engineering courses to plan a healthier future ahead. Medicine and Biology combines to form Biomedical Engineering.

  • Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering uses the chemistry theories practically and form new products such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food & beverages, and cleaners.

  • Agricultural Engineering

It includes all the components of farming – soil conservation, ground preparation, irrigation, harvesting techniques, etc.

  • Management Engineering

Engineers who possess business and management skills falls under such type of engineering courses. Team management, leadership, organising and staffing, etc. are the basic activities.

  • Industrial Engineering

Various small businesses hires industrial engineers to raise the productivity and efficiency. Generally, manufacturing companies attracts large number of industrial engineers.

  • Nuclear Engineering

Nuclear engineering is one of the highest paying amongst types of engineering courses. Such engineers works in power plants and government agencies.

  • Geological Engineering

Geological engineering is concerned with the ground conditions and activities such as mining, construction projects, etc. Such type of engineering course is in great demand.

  • Marine Engineering

Marine engineer applies knowledge to the development of ocean technologies. Tasks such as power generation for vehicles (ships, boats), developing wind farms falls under same category.

types of engineering courses
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  • Geomatics Engineering

Geomatics is that field of scientific disciplines which is concerned with Earth’s surface. Geomatics Engineers play an important role in planning future infrastructure.

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  • Electronics Engineering

As the name suggests, it is concerned with electrical and technical devices such as smart phones, circuits, computers, etc. Such types of engineering courses are always in high demand.

  • Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineers designs aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, and missiles. Not only they design but, creation & testing work is also done by them so as to asssure that everything is up to mark.

  •   Robotics Engineering

A complete combination of electrical & technological engineering i.e., robotics engineering. It includes robotics sensors and instrumentation, robotics fabrication, artificial intelligence and robotic vision.

  • Automotive Engineering

Designing and production of automobiles & other vehicles is known as automotive engineering. Modification of vehicles is also included. Automobile engineering is the discipline of automotive engineering. According to wiki, automotive engineering is to design, develop, fabricate, and testing vehicles or vehicle components from the concept stage to production stage.

  • Biomechanical Engineering

Application of principles of mechanical engineering to biological systems is known as biomechanical engineering. Various environmental challenges such as water pollution, smoke emission from industries falls under such category.

  • Hardware Engineering

Though it is a part of computer engineering but, their job is to design, build & repair hardware devices such as keyboard, CD player, refrigerator and so on. In most of the cases, to become a computer hardware engineer, you must earn at least a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering.

  • Forest Engineering

You might not have heard about it but, such category can be much needed in near future so as to ensure management and safety of forest lands. One can work in areas such as sustainable timber harvesting and quality watershed environments.

Above list contained 20 types of Engineering courses, but there are many more such as aeronautical engineering, metallurgical engineering, ceramics engineering, plastics engineering, design engineering.

Let us know your choice amongst 20 types of Engineering courses in the comment below!

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