Study Tips For CBSE Boards

4 Best Study Tips For CBSE Boards To Score High (100%)

Study Tips for CBSE BoardsCBSE or Central Board of Secondary Education! Hey, students out there..are you confused with cliché cognizance given by teacher, seniors and parents for your study plan? Don’t be distressed, it’s very easy! You just need to follow some easy tips for study tips for CBSE boards to score high. Being with many CBSE experts, teacher and pass out students, here we are with a bonanza of success. Well, it is rightly said that success has no shortcut but there are some smart-cut. Scroll down to know more..

4 Best Study Tips For CBSE Boards To Score High :-

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Know your Syllabus Well – NCERT Books is the Holistic Approach

Though at the beginning of the session we are given syllabus guideline by school and on official website of CBSE. But what exactly to study needs to be outlined first. So, the first study tips for CBSE boards is to study NCERT Books. National Council of Educational Research and Training stands for NCERT. NCERT books have detailed syllabus oriented knowledge and text which is holistic in its approach. How NCERT books are your best friend for getting enough knowledge and score high: –

  • Exactly follows CBSE Curriculum – Very much oriented to syllabus and curriculum so you don’t get disoriented and use the time for focused study.
  • Easy language and explanation – In a very student friendly language it explains the objective and shares information which can be comprehended faster to deliver inthe exam.
  • Images and diagrams – Images and diagrams are given with every explanation for better understanding.
  • Get common questions – If you study NCERT well then scoring minimum 60% marks is secured for any academic or competitive exam under CBSE.
  • Helps in the competitive exam – For any competitive exam, it helps a lot to take preparation as it gives in-depth knowledge, clears the concept and comes with good presentation and complete information. It is a capsule of many celebrated author’s books.

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MCQ or Objective Study

CBSE does not prefer long answers with irrelevant information sharing. It has structured the academic study plan in a way so that student can compete in any national or international level of competitive exam. It focuses on strengthening the base of the knowledge so that higher studies become easy for students. Hence the second study tips for CBSE boards is to be precise but to the point answers to questions. And for doing the same you must do an in-depth study and understand the objective.

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Question Patterns

The general question pattern of CBSE exams starts with 10 questions carrying 1 marks followed by questions carrying 2 marks, 3 marks and then 5 marks. The beneficial part compared to other board of education’s question pattern is that 2, 3 and 5 marks again have 2 to 3 questions configured in it. So, the third study tips for CBSE boards is don’t leave out the entire question incase if you cannot answer a part of the question. As if you answer properly any questions out 3 compiled in one 5 marks carrying question then you still have a chance to score. For Mathematics especially there is step marking system which will let you score according to the level of solution you have demonstrated in answer copy even if could not come up with correct end answer.

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Understand your Strength and Weakness

Identify subjects you are strong. Also in a specific subject, you must identify your strength in certain chapters and others. Accordingly, make your timetable to study. And during exam accordingly categorize questions to answer first and later. This will save your time, keep you motivated and confident, also let you score high.

Best of Luck for your upcoming exam! And keep checking this space for more helpful tips and suggestions.


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