Chartered Accountant 2018 Updated

Chartered Accountant 2019 Updated : Admission Procedure, Articleship, Why CA?

Chartered Accountant 2018 Updated Facts to Know Before Choosing an Articleship Firm :-

    • It should have some listed clients.
    • Articleship firm should also have its official website with 100000 minimum no. of visitors.
    • Should have 6 – 7 minimum branches all over the country, including minimum 7 partners in each firm.
    • During an interview session, appropriate questions related to the field must be asked. Better, if they conduct written test with the interview.
    • Stipend does not matter in initial months.
    • Number of articles should be 20 – 30 minimum.
    • You must ask them what role you are going to play as an article in the firm.
    • Location and infrastructure of the office must be good.
  • Firm should not place much restrictions on transfers.
Chartered Accountant 2018 Updated
    • You must have a discussion regarding leaves allowed, timings, classes, and transfer. At the same time, it should not also be allowing for too many leaves.
    • Its good if the firm have international clients also.
    • Learning & growth opportunities should be given.
    • Don’t go behind a big firm even if, they are providing you the field in which you are not at all interested.
    • If you can work continuously at one place without having interest issues, choose Taxation.
  • And If you can travel and have interest, choose Audit.

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    • If you don’t want knowledge of other fields, other than one specialised field then choose a big firm.
  • If you want to have knowledge of every field, go for a mediocre firm.

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  1. I complet my this year .please suggest me can o have to clear cpt and ipcc or any other way to get addmision in it

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