Changes to make indian education system better

5 Necessary Changes To Make Indian Education System Better

·         Opportunities –

Changes to make indian education system better

Almost every student complaints in present education system regarding lack of opportunities/platform to showcase their knowledge, talent, skills & so on. Mr Narendra Modi launched an initiative ‘Make in India’ a couple of years back which somehow succeeded in changing the mindset of youngsters – to switch from jobs to start up but still our Indian talent is still unutilized in every manner. In the other sense, students should also come forward to create more job opportunities. States such as Bangalore, Chennai, Karnataka and few more are focussing on solving the same issue, which indeed is a good step towards change.

·         School to Smartphone –

Changes to make indian education system better
src: Getting Smart

This is a conclusive point of ‘changes to make Indian education system better’ – school to smartphone, a journey from 90s kids to present generation kids, a bitter truth i.e., smartphones nowadays, are equipped with more knowledge and interactive learning than schools. Way of teaching, syllabus, aurthodox system, lack of creative environment, and so on contributes to the above written statement. And it is not like we don’t have a solution and the system is not only responsible, but the people who comes into the system – teachers, students, officials, ministers everybody is responsible in some manner.

So, let’s just not focus on the issues, we all should come forward to  create & develop a new education system.

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