Wonderful Career Opportunities

Wonderful Career Opportunities Around You! Open The Door And Let Them Come In ..

Personality Development

We have always seen kids having extraordinary skills and talent. Every individual is different; every person bears different personality, every student initially wants to become a doctor, engineer, scientist, writer, dancer, singer, actor & what not! But, as soon as they grow up, they are being forced mentally to keep these wonderful career opportunities aside but to study those subjects which have nothing to do with their dreams. It is only because, they have grown up in such environment where they are suppressed to take such education & degrees. It is scientifically proven that kids get mature at the age of 13-14 years, but ALAS! These students cannot take their educational decisions on their own because there is no one to tell them, you can do it!

You can take your decisions on your own. Right? And kids should also understand that it is their life, they have to grow further, and they have to develop themselves mentally as well as emotionally. Hence, we have tried to write this article on ‘wonderful career opportunities around you’.

Opportunity means a time or set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something. And what we always say, we didn’t have an opportunity to give our best at that time. This article will surely answer to your general question ‘we do not have a platform or opportunity to express ourselves’.

wonderful career opportunities
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Let’s take a real example to study it in detail ..

You study in a school, and your classroom is nicely decorated with blackboard, chalk, curtains, book shelf, cartoon wallpaper, toys, etc. What if, we say that, your classroom is full of wonderful career opportunities? Amazed? Now we will study above mentioned items in detail we have in our classroom:-

  • Blackboard, book shelf, chair – Furniture
  • Chalk, duster, pen – Stationery
  • Books, magazines, newspaper – Study Material
  • Windows with curtains – Handloom
  • Decoration of room with other stuff – Interior Designing
  • Structure of room – Architecture
  • Uniform of students – Clothing & Fashion Designing
  • Electricity connection in room – Electrical Engineering

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Wonderful Career Opportunities
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We have found almost 8-10 wonderful career opportunities. What if, we would look for the whole school campus including library, canteen, events, playground, teacher, and so on. Opportunities are everywhere around us, what we do not have is a clear vision to observe these things and get involved in it to make way for a wonderful career ahead! We just have to find our interest & passion, and we will all be very happy!

It is truly said that, if opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door! But the new one is, opportunities are already on your door, and you just have to open this door to allow opportunities to come in.


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