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Time management is not at all simple as it looks, and the same time it is not so difficult as it allowed to be rumoured.

First of all, we have to know what is time management? 

Time management is to utilise every single minute of our life efficiently and productively.

Stories behind time management ..

Try once, you will become more determined towards your goals and dreams, do it twice, you will start following the same pattern of thoughts, thrice, you will start convincing yourself that it is not going to be easy further ..and the very next time you will give up! True enough?  

It is the similar theory as law of diminishing marginal utility of Economics. As when we are thirsty and drink very first glass of water, it feels like heaven, second glass, the same water feels like okay, and further we may stop drinking water.

Then, how to make our plan of time management successful?

While preparing a plan, do not pen down those activities which are out of your control right now, or you are not aware of. As it leads to negativities in the beginning.

  • Planning to go for a morning walk is okay, but, distance and time matters. Like you slept last night at 1 AM and planning to go at 6 AM for a morning walk. It is probably not good for your health. You have never walked for more than 1 km and you are planning for 4 km the very first day. Not suitable!
Time Management
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  • Pen down a short list of activities for first week, and modify it by and for the next week, accordingly. Like plan to study for 2 hours a day(any subject) is good and going for a morning walk is good in the first week. Change it to 2.5 hours of studying and going for jogging instead of walking, by next week.
Time Management
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  • You can prepare your plans & goals easily, but, all you forget is to have self belief. I know, I will give up after 2-3 days, that is why I am not going for a morning walk today. The worst thinking ever! Decide, commit, act, repeat. That’s all you have to do.
  • Start small, create big. Don’t let your surroundings destroy you. Stay focussed. 
Time Management
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  • Inlude those things also that makes you wonderful while practicing, like – playing soccer, dancing, gully cricket, writing poetries, blogging, and so on.
  • Include some productive things therein, like flowering plants, social work, playing mind games instead of video games, socializing with people (face-to-face) and so on.
Time Management
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It is not a hard & fast rule that you have to follow, this is just for practicing some discipline in life and to make you more determined towards your goals. That’s all.

Conclusively, try to do something new each day & try to learn something new every day.

  • Talk to a stranger daily.
  • Eat something healthy everyday.
  • Play a new game everyday.
  • Study a new subject each day.
  • Pen down your goals and targets for evey week/month.

Live your each day, like it may be your last. Because, it may be! 


Time Management
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