Stop Running After Girls, Run After Goals - Motivation

Stop Running After Girls, Run After Goals – Motivation


Running After Girls or Running After Passion – A Matter Of Priority 

The title chosen for the article is 100% accurate as per the thoughts & feelings of young minds in present time. You may not like the title, you may dislike the whole content, but you cannot lie to yourself as this is the bitter truth.

In present time, we make decisions on the basis of what we feel, and that is absolutely not correct. As we have got 100% control on our decisions. Desision to go to the gym or not, desion to study or not, decision to sleep or not, decision to make girlfriends or not! It all depends upon us that on what basis we take a decision. Think for a minute at the moment, then decide what is right for you and then act. Simple.

It is not the fault of our mind that why it keeps on running after girls, procrastinating things, fears from failure and all. No, it is all about taking decisions with an open mind.

Asking for a coffee, asking for a date, chatting on phone with her, it is not wrong, but if you just start prioritising things what is more important for you at the present moment coffee or career ! You will have an answer. Don’t push your goals, girls are not going anywhere.

Develop your mind to take smart decisions, I know it is hard to change, but if you will change, everything around you will change. Things will look beautiful and aesthetic. Making friends is not wrong but acting on the basis of feeling that triggers your mind to ask for things like coffee and all is an act of complete stupidity at this age (teenage).

We have a huge population of teenagers, who forget about their careers, goals, and family issues and start focussing on what is not good for their health & wealth.

What kind of talks boys have with their friends? Do you have a girlfriend? Oh god you have a girlfriend.. seriously? You don’t have a girlfriend damn! Hey! look at that girl, look at this girl, she is wearing this, she is going there etc, etc. And this is the bitter truth of present generation. We are becoming judgemental day by day. And all it contains the word ‘mental’ in it. Understand?

Think right, talk right, act right. Discuss about ideas how you can grow further in life in this tough competitive environment, how we can start a business, how can we go for MNCs, how we can change our country for betterment instead of running after girls, what type of clothes should we wear on date, how should I ask he about a cup of coffee.

Your parents are there for you to think about all this. Let them! They are not sending you to the schools or colleges to do those things. Enjoyment is good, developing a habit of this is totally wrong.

These things are not wrong, but the time is !

Love everyone and care for everyone. Teenage is the best age. Live it!


Stop Running After Girls, Run After Goals - Motivation
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