How To Set A Goal?

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We all want to enjoy each day of our lives, want to become like legends Shahrukh Khan, Mukesh Ambani, Jack Ma, Virat Kohli, and so on. But do we know how they all started their career ? What is that first thing that we all need to do to become  successful? Yes, to set a goal or an end target, that we all want to achieve someday. It could be through your talent, your passion, your business, your job, etc.

Confused? Don’t know how to set a goal and aim of your life?

Don’t worry, follow these simple steps :-

       1. What does life mean to you ?

These are some hints : travelling, sports, health, country, parents, and so on.

      2. What does success mean to you ?

Like money, health, name, fame, luxurious life, happiness, power and so on. And there sources could be business, job, parents, lotteries, loans, etc.

      3. Now pen down some activities that you can do for the whole day long without being distracted, bored and tired.

It could be anything : cricket, blogging, cooking, chatting, outing, shopping, bikes, poetries, dance, and many more.

      4. How to relate the above things to earn success?

For Example : HEALTH

Make it brief like ‘I want to achieve it in the next 2 years ‘, but what are the sources?

The sources are: going to a gym regularly, eating healthy food, playing sports at least one hour a day and so on. If you do these, you have already achieved one target i.e., ‘to become healthy’.

What about money ?

It could be a business like opening a gym, dance academy, selling equipments, etc.

It could be a job like nutrition course, a gym trainer, a dietician, etc.

Either you can become a sports person or join the army, you have already achieved the other target i.e.,’country‘.

      So, now you know very well that, ‘how to set a goal?’

Answers to some random questions :

Q: How to convince parents to do what I like ?

A: Don’t try to convince them with your words, let your achievements speak!

Q: But I am pursuing studies ?

A: Never leave your studies, they can become your path to your destination.

Q: But a job is more secured ?

A: Have you ever dreamt of doing a job, that you actually don’t love to do. If it is, then you are actually running away from your life.

Q: What if I fail in doing what I like ?

A: It is simple, If you have a job, you have the money

If you lose that job , you lose the money too.

Passion might not attract money earlier but, you still have that capability to earn a good money.

And the most important thing , if you fail, you will not going to blame your parents or whosoever, ‘you will blame yourself and that is the biggest motivation’.

How to set a goal?
Steve Jobs on Passion
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