MOHIT VERMA (Founder & Manager)


mohit verma


Mohit Verma, started his journey in 2017 with a motive (above) and now contributing to the world on a large-scale through his website. He defines success on just one parameter i.e., ‘purpose’. He truly believes in God and never leaves a day to thank him and his sister for helping in finding the purpose of his life at an early age. He also thanks each and every person he meets for giving him a stronger belief that ‘yes, you are doing right, keep going’.

‘Work until you no longer have to introduce yourself’

Mohit Verma is a student of Delhi University and has a great passion of motivating the youngsters to find the purpose of their life and work on it. He believes, every student desires to live his/her life on his/her own terms, and thus he is now on a mission of helping them with his acts as soon as he can.

He is also working actively on a small business project i.e., ‘Project Banao’, which helps the students in preparing their holidays homework and other study-related work so that they can focus more on development activities. 

Mohit Verma had many opportunities at a time but, he choose the one who entirely transformed the personality of this little kid into a successful man i.e., Aspire. And now planning bigger & better things ahead with it..

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