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Is It Your Birthday? Follow These Things To Make It A Memorable One


Its your birthday? Do any of these activities to make it a memorable one :-


  Plant A Sapling –

memorable one
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This sounds to be okay okay. We have already heard it many times from our family members, friends and relatives. Think again ..can you do it? Of course you can. Buy a sapling from nearby store and carry a water bottle along. It will cost you around 5-6$ and approxiamtely 15 minutes in all to plant a sapling on your own.

Do this thing while beginning your day and make it a memoable one in itself.

You have not done this even a single time since you are born. Lets see how many of you can do this beautiful yet, simple task.  

 Collect Blessings from Every Being –

memorable one
Source : Soup for our Soul – blogger

This is quite cool. Family, friends, relatives, teachers, neighbours, enemies, and classmates, try to collect blessings of each and every person around you.

 Give Your Best –

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Source : Global Recruiting Roundtable

In studies, at job, in business, in personal life, give your best. Perceive yourself as the only survivor and the only leader on that particular day. Giving your best will make your birthday, the best.

 Prior Birthday Plans –

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Do not ever make a plan before your birthday, let it be spontaneous. According to experts, it is been observed that spontaneous trips or outings are really speacial and wonderful. Pick up a car, or board a train/bus to an unknown destination with your squad. Do not feel depressed on anyone’s absence, make it more special, alone!

 Gift Yourself –

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Waiting for others’ gifts and surprises. Gift yourself anything that you couldn’t afford the whole year by good means. Somewhat like a promise, a commitment, any materialistic thing, or self reliance. This will really help you to make your birthday a memorable one.

 Follow Your Heart –

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Do not depend upon anyone’s decisions and so on. Ask yourself how can I make my birthday the best one. What should I do right now? Singing, dancing, swimming, acting, social work, travelling, movies, food, family, socializing, etc.

  Give Importance –

memorable one
Source : i am NOT an anteater! – blogger

Give importance to yourself first. It is your day, you are the king of your jungle today, the leader of your country. Make your birthday, the best. Time is passing by ..

Parties, hookah, movies, clubbing, outing with friends, collecting gifts from relatives, facebook status. These are common yet, boring now. 

Try something new this time to make your birthday, the best, unique and a memorable one. This is quite easy, isn’t it?

Happy Birthday.

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