life is screaming

Life Is Screaming – Hey! Can I Come Along With You?


Life is a beautiful creation of god, that needs to be loved & lived carefully and emotionally by the living beings. And the secret is.. life also wants itself to be utilised fully and efficiently. It is ready to be sacrifised when you want to achieve something other than life.

Wait.. Why did I said life is screaming?

Because we are trapped in materialistic things called cars, businesses, companies, bungalows and what not. And at the same time, life sacrifices its worth. It keeps on screaming, hey! can I come along with you to that place, in that moment, in your sadness, in your boredness, can I? No. I will get back to you shortly. – Human replies. It also specifies.. there is nothing wrong in having businesses, bangalows, cars and other stuff, rather it may involved your sweat and dedication.

life is screaming
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Then why we are so busy in our daily lives doing things which are not supposed to be done, or which do not have any purpose of getting done? It is because, we have already created a little mindset that we can only be happy if I do this, if I achieve this, or if I am with him/her. Oh my god! I met her after so long time, felt wonderful .. I have got 90% marks in my board exams, feeling amazing.. SHUT UP! 

Live your each day as it may be your last. It is not mere a sentence, it is an emotion, it is a request, rather life is screaming, please love me, please care for me. I am also the part of your materialistic life.

What life wants actually?

Your time and presence in each and every moment happening around you, so that you can know what is the real purpose of living and that is ‘giving’. That’s all.

So, all you have to do is :-

  • Pen down some activities that you think I need to do these to live my life completely along with achieving materialistic things.
life is screaming
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  • Raise the inner human out of your body everytime, when anyone whether, animal or human being needs you.
life is screaming
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  • Try not to hurt people through your journey to success.
  • Dedicate your each and every breath to achieve your goals as if your life depends on it.
  • Try to develop never stop working attitude.
  • Try to develop a problem solving attitude.

Life is the real motivation. You all have to understand the situations of life, when life is sad, it is your duty to make it happy. When life is getting bored, you have to make it entertaining, when life is getting afraid of something, you have to smash that something and make it bold!

Conclusively, I warn you ..Do not let your dreams die, ever. Afterall, they are the one & only reason, why you are still alive.

life is screaming
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