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Game Development Career – Wanna Be A Professional Gamer? Know The Eligibility And Job Prospects

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Game Development Career: Game developers conceptualize and execute the idea into game creation. They, in simple words, design games for computers and video game consoles.

Game development career is one of the passionate courses and thus students need to be highly passionate & creative.

Basic Things Required to Become a Game Developer :-

  • Lots of ideas
  • Proficiency in computers
  • Mathematical skills
  • Animation & designing skills
  • Dedication & patience

Game developers are also known as tech-worms. It is a compliment to them, because it shows that how committed they are to their field of interest.

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game development career
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Eligibility for Game Development Career :-

  • XII passed with Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics (50% aggregate)
  • B.Sc./B.Tech. in Computers
  • Certification in 2-3 of the key programming languages such as C++, visual basic, java, MEL (Maya Scripting Language), calculus, object-oriented design, game algorithms, computer graphics, and network fundamentals
  • Internship at any small gaming studio

NOTE: Certification courses should necessarily be done as it adds to your skills as well as qualifications.

How building a portfolio is helpful in game development career ..?

Portfolio is the collection of games created by you. Most of the gaming studios notices such portfolios. According to senior technical staff from Blitz Games Studios, a successful portfolio should include several small games that can be played to completion. The portfolio should offer the viewer links to all the installation software needed for each game to work.

Tip: Start by making short & simple games for mobile devices and social media sites.

Job Prospects :-

Potential areas of work for a game developer also includes audio, design, production and visual arts. Most of the companies seeks interns who have proficiency in key programming languages such as  C++, 3D graphics and artificial intelligence.

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It may also include following duties under game development career :-

  • Developing designs or initial concept designs for games including game play
  • Generating game scripts and storyboards
  • Creating the visual aspects of the game at the concept stage
  • Using 2D or 3D modelling & animation softwares
  • Producing the audio features of the game, such as the character voices, music and sound effects
game development career
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Gaming programmers face tough competition in the job market, however, I.T industry is the booming industry, so students must prepare themselves with high-level math courses, programming courses, bachelor’s degrees, portfolios, & internships and take full advantage of internet industry. 

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