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Facing Depression? Check Out These Funny Solutions

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Depression is that stage which depicts sadness & sorrow in one’s life for a temporary period of time. Students, now a days, face a lot of problems relating to their career, relationships, family issues, responsibilities, struggle, money and what not!

But, are we familiar with the root-cause of depression in our lives? Well, not. Because we think that, to become a big person we have to face such situations and ultimately, it will lead to happiness. Close enough?

A rumor is very famous all over the world, ‘if you are happy this present day, you will cry the very next day’. Who wrote this stupid quote?

First of all, we have to realise that facing depression is a common problem, but, if you dive into the problem to find a solution then something can get better, may be, much better..

Try these funny solutions to combat the problem of facing depression :-


  • Firstly, Laugh On Yourself

Hahaha! I am facing depression ..seriously? A dumb girl/boy like me is facing depression, the biggest joke of this entire world.


facing depression
Source : babylaughter.net
  • Dare To Tell Your Parents

What if I tell about it to my parents that I am facing depression? They gonna kill me. I know they will say,‘hey idiot! it is none of your business’. Go and try once?


  • Am I The Only One?

If you compare your growth with others, let’s say, academic marks, then even if you score less sometimes then it is okay, because, someone might also scored even more less than you in the same examination and is still happy. Understand?


facing depression
Source : Picture Quotes
  • Hell With Relationships

If you are facing depression just because of relationships, then immediately write down, whom you will give priority to – career or a cup of coffee? And it is strongly recommended to choose from above wisely.


  • Become A Survivor

Use your pain to gain something in life. Sandeep Maheshwari said, ‘success comes from experiences and experiences comes from bad experiences’. So, it is totally up to you.


  • Tiny Problem

Stand still while facing depression and say, ‘this tiny problem is trying to stop me’. Let me see it ..


facing depression
Source : mentalfloss.com
  • Act Like Never Before

Start spreading stupidity around yourself. Dance like no one is watching, similarly, do what you like, say whatever you wish to.


  • Call Your Buddies

This is the best option to deal with depression. Your buddies will definitely going to mock you and finally you will be out of depression.



See, it was not at all tough to try any of the above things but yes, you have to deal with the reality at some stages of life.

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