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Earn Scooty/Bike At The Age Of 17 Or 18 – How?

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Students who are reading in primary classes i.e., upto Xth, they do not need to read this article. As this age is to become a good student as well as a good learner. And students who are reading in XI & XII classes, must read this article on ‘How To Earn Scooty/Bike At The Age Of 17 Or 18’.

First of all, kids who belong to middle-class families, should realise & motivate themselves by the conditions they are living in. That, they have to adjust everytime in many things. Everyday, millions of people dare to dream big dreams and the very same day many people ‘give up’. Just to tackle the future situation, I hereby, bring this article to you on how to earn scooty/bike at the age of 17 or 18.

Earn Scooty/Bike
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You may be studying very hard right now, or may be you have a high pressure on your mind to score good marks, to become topper of the class, it is okay. You still can achieve this little target. Carry on these things with your studies.

Read it carefully, you may know about the following points, but still, try to understand their practicality in life :-

Take Tuitions –

Sounds okay? It is one of the best way to earn these little things. You are learning enough in your schooling, but it has no value until you put it in the knowledge of others. Make it practical. Share your knowledge with others. Focus on doing it for a social cause, may be you get a higher monetary benefit.

How? – Let’s say you have your school timings from 7 A.M to 2 P.M. Thereafter, your coaching classes or whatever stuff, take 1 hour of your spare time and utilise it in giving tuitions. If you cannot make it for whole week, do it in consecutive days like ‘M.W.F’ or ‘T.T.S’. Simple.

Trust me, this will really help you to earn scooty/bike at present age.

Save Money –

Seems normal. It is not. As your little-little expenses can turn out to be a huge amount someday, that you can never repay.

How? – If you take pocket money even for Rs.1,000 a month, Try to save half of it. Control your taste, your pocket for a year or may be two. This will surely help you. After 2 years you will be having Rs.12,000 in your pocket, excluding your clothing expenses, your birthday expenses and electronic items. Now, calculate the total amount in hand by the end of your schooling. You can also deposit the same amount month-by-month by putting them into student’s bank account. It will help you to earn interests also on your savings.

Earn Money Blogging or YouTubing –

Sounds interesting? If you have any type of skills to entertain people, then put it online by the way of blogs and videos. We spent many hours watching T.V, youtube videos, browsing on the internet but never realise to earn from it. Try to increase your knowledge and make a youtube account today!

Blogging – It means to put our viewpoints related to any matter online and sharing with other people at the same time. You can use many blogging platforms today, – wordpress, blog spot, and so on. Register yourself now!

Are these enough to expand your brain and to felt the need for a change as a student? or See More!

I wrote this article to help the students of present ages, that further, life is not at all simple, as people are confused and are trapped(enmeshed) in materialistic things like scooty, bike or a car. By reading the above points, at least you can have an idea of giving it a chance, rather than sitting on sofa and wasting your crucial time watching television.

earn scooty/bike
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What’s the advantage? You can save possibly 2 years of your life to earn scooty/bike. Right? When you will be attending first day of your college, riding your self-earned scooty/bike, the feeling would be extraordinary. You would not have to ask your parents for this, you will have your own.

Be a good student and try to invest your time in achieving something good for yourself as well as your parents. When others will be struggling for this, you will already have that.

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