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Debate And Extempore – Beginners Guide

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What is a Debate?

Debate is a type of formal discussion on a particular topic. It involves two parties(individuals) and both put their view points forward.

Debate And Extempore
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Debate can start anywhere, anytime and with anyone. Do not be afraid of getting into a debate. You might not speak at first attempt, at second attempt or at third. But, trust me you still can become a perfectionist. Start from basics and then go professional.

What is an Extempore?

It is a spontaneous act of speaking or doing without any kind of preparation.

Debate And Extempore
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You have to understand that it is not necessary to cram the following points to prepare for a debate or an extempore. These are just basics to make you a right beginner in debate and extempore:-

How To Speak –

What does it mean.. speaking aggressively, or speaking right? Absolutely, speaking right. It involves following points

a) Speaking at right time (at your own turn).

b) Speaking confidently with a little expression.

c) Do not try to prove your point, try to express your emotion.

d) Do not be afraid to speak. It is your right, and nobody can steal it from you.

e) A good speech arises when you are 100% involved in that matter.

Debate And Extempore
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Stay Up to Date –

Learn how to develop your mind and focus there with. Get present at every moment. Learn the rules & techniques of speaking, learning, preparing, dressing, and so on. Also check for the updates for type of debates you are preparing for.

Debate And Extempore
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Confidence –

I personally feel it is divided among the following areas like clothes(60%), learning & practicing(20%), environment(10%), and acceptance of truth(10%). For example- If I would enter a club party in shorts, I’ll be expecting myself to be acceptable but actually, I will be looking dumb and unknowledgeable. Even if I am the C.E.O of my own company. So, try to feel confidence everyday.

Debate And Extempore
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Acquire Knowledge –

Observe every single person, action, events happening around you. Study daily reading material like books, magazines, newspapers and so on. Get involved into discussions & meetings.

Debate And Extempore
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Be A Good Listener –

It is very important to understand the view point of opposition party. Focus on their speeches, their words, grab their skills and answer them wisely. It is a sign of a good debate and extempore.

Debate And Extempore
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Body language –

Body language speaks it all. Don’t shy & don’t lose your eye contact. Never hide yourself. If you don’t have any idea about the matter still, be confident. Your posture must be good and should depict your personality.

Debate And Extempore
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Participation –

Try to get into every debate and extempore competition in your school or college. It does not really matter how you speak in front of them, what important is – your efforts in that debate and extempore competition including above points i.e., dress up, confidence level, listening power, your knowledge and so on.

Debate And Extempore
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