Come Back Because It's Time To Act - Motivation

Come Back Because It’s Time To Act – Motivation


I don’t know what you want from life, I do not have any idea what you want to achieve or what are your goals. But, I still have faith in you. Whatever, you have done so far does not matters to me or anyone else, whether society or friends. But, I just wanna let you know that the person to whom it matters the most is ‘YOU’. Never ever forget your dreams, they are your lifeline, they are the reason why you are working and they have the power to create your future. So, come back because it’s time to act.

Come Back Because It's Time To Act - Motivation
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It is not like one wakes up on Saturday, goes to the gym, eats healthy food, studies hard, hustles and the very next morning wakes up having billion dollars in his hands. It is also not like people did not have a good start or they have not faced any difficulty yet. But, what most people lack is ‘focus‘ and ‘consistency.’ The people like them have the same thinking power as you have got, have the similar dreams and believes therein. And, the similar way they forget about the result of taking regular action i.e., success. As much as we love the starting & ending overs in a cricket match, middle-overs are that much important, because it may end upon winning a match or losing.

We are in the middle ages of our life 18, 19 or may be 22. So, ain’t these important?  Stop fooling yourself by saying not today, tomorrow will be a great day to start, I am going for a movie tonight, I am not well, I am going at a friend’s birthday bash. STOP! It’s enough now. Yesterday has passed, today will be gone & tomorrow will never come. It is not going to be easy, if it would be easy everybody would be doing it. Take action everyday. It may not happen as per your expectations, but soon it will. Everybody has a hard road to success.

Come Back Because It's Time To Act - Motivation
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Come Back Because It’s Time To Act

The one who faced the difficulties with smartness is now known as a person out of the world. People call him he does not belong to this planet, he is different, he lives his life like the way he wants to. Try to fall under this category of people.

Never be satisfied at any stage of life whether studies, sports, competition, business. What you have achieved so far is still less, work more to get more, study more to score more, hustle more to be more. More, more & more. Have you tried to get it? Have you ever tasted failure? If yes, then congratulate yourself as you are grown up. Mistakes are proof that you are trying. You are learning new things each day. You don’t know the way how it’s gonna be solved, it’s okay. Because, you know the other different ways it’s not gonna be solved.  It is never too late to commit and begin acting. It is never too late to start again. Start here and now and rule the world like a boss.

Come Back Because It's Time To Act - Motivation
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