Blaming Our Education System – Is It Right?

Why we are blaming our education system? So what, if we have studied in the same educational authorities like schools. We have graduated in same education system .. The reason is either – A) we have achieved nothing from it or B) we have gained everything without accepting this educational system. Right? Absolutely, because this is a funny truth, […]

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overcoming shyness

How To Talk To Anyone? (Overcoming Shyness) – Personality Development

Have you ever faced this problem of shyness? I am sure you have. Don’t worry it is common among us, rather it is situational.   So, here is the solution of ‘How To Talk To Anyone? (Overcoming Shyness)’ :- Accept Who You Are – First of all, you have to accept who you are like […]

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have a good first impression

Top 10 Techniques To Have A Good First Impression – Personality Development

Wanna have a good first impression? Before going in for a conversation with the other person or meeting for the very first time, we always think, will they gonna like me?, am I looking great today?, do I bear a good moral character?,  have he/she noticed me so far?, and so on. Top 10 Techniques […]

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addiction solutions

How To Break An Addiction? Best Ways With Pictures!

To break an addiction, we first have to know ‘what is an addiction?‘ Is it a hobby, an interest or something else? Google says,  ‘An addiction is the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance or activity’. The solution lies within the problem itself. To break an addiction or a habit you have […]

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