career in modelling

Career In Modelling And Fashion Industry : Eligibility (Step By Step) & Job Prospects

Fashion, trends, lifestyle, limelight, fame – these words are ruling the minds of youngsters around the world! Staying up-to-date & following trends has become a need of school & college going students. Searches like how to impress anyone?, how to overcome shyness?, etc. on google have been increased rapidly so far. So, can’t we look […]

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association football sport

Association Football Sport : Career, Motivation And Top 5 Football Schools In India

Association football sport (also known as soccer) is not mere a sport played between two teams with eleven players each, that is just a description of the game. It is something extraordinary, that is why it is the no. 1 sport with an estimated fan following of around 3.5 billion around the world. Brazil is undoubtedly […]

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magical career opportunity

Teaching – A Magical Career Opportunity : B.Ed, DIET, B.El.Ed, Best Colleges, Salary, And Admission Procedure

RECENT NOTIFICATION: IGNOU BEd entrance test result for 2018 session declared @ Teaching : Definition Teaching, rather being defined as a profession or an occupation, is an art, is a pure magic of pulling someone from marsh and giving her/him a new life. And someone said once,‘ there can be no comparison of any […]

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law courses have higher scope

CLAT, LLB, AILET, LLM 2018 : Law Courses Have Higher Scope In Coming Future – Check How?

Law, in simple words, is a legal boundation or specific set of rules which are ought to be followed by each & every citizen of a particular country. In fact, law courses have higher scope in coming future. The Law as an educational degree (three-year) was offered in India in the year 1987, granted under the Advocate Act, 1961. […]

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chartered accountant 2017

Chartered Accountant 2018 Updated Information : Subjects, Step-By-Step Procedure, Why CA?

RECENT NOTIFICATIONS –  ANNOUNCED: ICAI declares CA final, CPT results, know how to check yours here! Karnal’s Mohit Gupta tops CA final exam, says hard work paid off Who is a Chartered Accountant ? Chartered Accountant(CA) is a person who possess the necessary qualifications to offer professional services as auditing, consultancy, and few more. CA […]

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healthy future ahead

Find Your Interest In Food, Nutrition And Dietics Courses : Have A Healthy Future Ahead!

First of all, we will know about nutritionists & dieticians : Nutritionist is a person who research on food & their nutritive value and advises people to have a healthy future ahead! Whereas, Dietician is a person who focuses on an individual’s diet & nutrition. There are numerous programmes available at the graduate, post-graduate level, diploma, and correspondence […]

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Demanding Technological Courses

Cyber Security And Ethical Hacking – The Most Demanding Technological Courses

Definition Cyber Security is a tech related concept for protecting data and networks from unauthorised access and other damages. On the other hand, Ethical Hacking is a professional & legal activity of hacking the target computer systems, to look for weaknesses and vulnerabilities and to use the same knowledge and tools as a malicious hacker. […]

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choose journalism career wisely

Choose Journalism Career Wisely!! Know The Eligibility, Institutes And Job Opportunities

What is Journalism ? Journalism is an activity of collecting & writing useful information for news channels, websites, newspapers, and so on in order to keep updated their readers/viewers. If you are good with communication skills and are into writing blogs, you can get into Journalism. We will provide you all the relevant information about Journalism. […]

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all about MBA

All About MBA (Master Of Business Administration) In Simple Language – CAT, Best Colleges & Specialisation Courses

Recent Notifications : CAT Results Declared Check Here! MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION MBA is a post-graduate masters level degree that imparts knowledge about business and management concepts. It also provides opportunities to students via internships, group assignments and individual projects. In this article, we will let you know all about MBA. Types of MBA Programme:- Part-time MBA Full-time […]

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career as an air hostess

Career As An Air Hostess? A Beautiful Opportunity To Enrol – Eligibility, Courses & Salary

An opportunity every second girl dreams of – to fly high in life by becoming an ‘Air Hostess’. This career opportunity has already changed lives of many young girls around the globe. Today, we will discuss about ‘Career as an Air Hostess’. Who is an Air Hostess? Air Hostess is a member of an air crew, who […]

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