Blaming Our Education System – Is It Right?

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Why we are blaming our education system?

So what, if we have studied in the same educational authorities like schools. We have graduated in same education system ..

The reason is either – A) we have achieved nothing from it or B) we have gained everything without accepting this educational system. Right? Absolutely, because this is a funny truth, we just do not like our education system and the subjects been taught there in. History, oh my god! what is it? What we will do knowing our freedom fighters and leaders, they are gone. So, why we are studying about them in books! This is what our inner mind speaks.

Mathematics, hell with it! It is okay to study about addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, but trigonometry, why?? What is it’s use in real life? What is its practicality? Similar words about Science, Hindi, Environment, and so on.

But there are some exceptions too, the only subject in India – accepted whole heartedly is ‘English’. English means educated, educated some what means behaviour and behaviour automatically relates to humanity and man kind. True? We judge people so quickly. I know there are some high class people who have achieved billion dollars in their lives like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and so on. But, answer me, why they did not left their schools in their time.. And after that, when they realised their potential, they left colleges and other educational institutions. Now, they praise educational institutions and subjects there in.

Blaming our education system
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We are simply blaming our education system listening to rumours and stupid quotes. And the bitter truth is – we do not have the ability to change this education system, we do not have the power to study or to learn these subjects, because we are afraid of education. The one who learnt & became successful through this system is already ruling it like a boss, and we still texting our friends – blaming our education system.

If you think our education system is wrong, then come forward, face it and change the whole management.

Vice chancellor of CBSE, principal of Delhi University, dean of Harvard University, Oxford University already controlling their institutions from years because they never complained in their time. Someone said, ‘the more you run away from a particular subject, the faster it will run after you.’ 

Stop blaming your education system, start respecting it ..!

It is good to think about education systems and all, but blaming it is an act of a loser. As you want to learn business go for MBA, have interest in Media go for Mass Communication, want to know what is happening around us study General Knowledge. We have so many career opportunities around us. Explore & innovate something new in existing subjects and theories. Ask questions from your teachers, create a doubt session class everyday in schools and colleges.

blaming our education system
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And from now, if anyone abuse your education system or subjects there in. Just ask.. can you change it?  

And, if you have any suggestions for existing education system – Comment down.. We will post it on our facebook page!

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